New Client: Transition Management

Written by Pat Richter, Interim Director of Consulting, Support Center

The Support Center’s Executive Transition Management philosophy is based on the intentional use of change as a “pivotal moment” in the life of an organization.

We are working with Rockland Independent Living Center (RILC) to maintain a stable, well-managed organization while conducting a transition to prepare for the next CEO.

The Support Center is assisting RILC through referral of a trained Interim Executive Director augmented by an experienced Transition Management consultant to support and guide the Board of Directors through the search process.

Interim Executive Director

One of the key roles of the Interim Executive Director is to provide stability and support to the staff, boosting morale and insuring that necessary work gets done.  With the support of the Board, the Interim may address and resolve as many issues as possible to lessen pressures on the incoming director.

Areas that the Interim Executive Director may focus on include staff supervision, program management, monitoring revenue and expenses, contract fulfillment, infrastructure, communications, and grant or contract renewals.

Transition Consultant

The Support Center is providing an experienced Transition Consultant to work with the Board of Directors towards identifying the next leader.  With the consultant dedicated to the Board, the search and retention of the new CEO will be more effective and efficient.

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Services may include:

  • Guidance on communications to stakeholders (including funders) about leadership transition and final selection of new leader
  • Facilitating discussions to identify skills and experience needed to lead the organization and creation of job description, salary, and job postings
  • Tapping resources of board members and stakeholder to develop strategies for attracting qualified candidates
  • Assistance with resume review, ranking, interview questions, rating tools, and in-person interviews
  • Assistance with making an offer and negotiating with final candidate
  • Setting up a system for on-boarding of the new director that includes the Interim Executive Director
  • Insuring shared clarity for the new chief executive and Board on performance expectations

We look forward to working with Rockland Independent Living Center!

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