New Strategies in Grantmaking: Leading Together


New Strategies in Grantmaking “Leading Together”

Grantmakers and nonprofits are deepening their work together to bring constructive change to our communities.  It is often said that grantmakers invest in leaders as well as organizations and that a well-led organization is the key to grantmaking success.  But how do grantmakers think about leadership?  What are the key elements that corporate, foundation, and other grantmakers look for when seeking out well-led organizations?  Join us for this interactive panel conversation and fun workshop session with NJSO to learn more and contribute to the thinking!
Thursday, July 20,  9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
PSEG, 80 Park Plaza, Newark, NJ 07102
Open to:
Nonprofit Leaders and their team, Executive Directors, Board Members, Development Directors, Senior Leaders & Managers

Panel Participants:

Craig Drinkard, Associate Director for Operations, Victoria Foundation
Kathy Durante, OceanFirst Foundation
Margarethe Laurenzi, Director of Leadership Grantmaking & Engagement, Community Foundation of New Jersey

Crystal Dundas, Vice President, Program and Communications Officer, Wells Fargo Regional Foundation

Special Performance By:

New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Leadership Quartet

Join us, and if you can, bring your team to our panel conversation with New Jersey grantmakers,  At this session, during our mid-panel break, we will have a short workshop experience led by the world-class musicians of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.  By examining the rehearsal process, a string quartet will illustrate the different types of leadership skills used in musical preparation—teamwork, problem solving, creative negotiation, compromise and decision- making—and show how these same skills can be applied to a professional setting.

While musicians may not seem to have much in common with nonprofit leaders, we all share the same needs for clear communication, professionalism and inspiration to achieve specific goals on deadline. The Leadership Quartet takes apart the components of a working team, explores them from multiple perspectives and then reassembles them into a finished product—a great musical performance.

This interactive workshop explores new ways of thinking about business practices and leadership in professional settings. It provides the participants with the opportunity to discuss, reflect on and apply the leadership principles observed. The mid-panel session will conclude with a performance of the featured work.

Tentative Agenda

8:30AM – 9:00AM Arrival, registration, continental breakfast

9:00AM – 10:10AM Moderated Panel

10:10AM – 10:20AM Short intermission

10:20AM – 11:15AM NJSO Leadership Quartet

11:30AM – 12:30PM Reconvene Panel – Panel Q&A

12:30PM – 1:00PM Conclusion/Networking/Close


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