A Letter to NPR

Dear NPR,

Seven CEO’s in 7 years – that sounds exhausting for all the great folks at NPR we love hearing from every day.

As fervent supporters of public radio, and having strong expertise in managing nonprofit Executive Leadership Transitions, we offer the following tips for finding your next long term leader:

  • Spend more time up-front understanding the challenges ahead and identifying the skills, abilities, and demonstrated competencies needed in your next CEO to meet these challenges
  • Build Board consensus about how it (the Board) can support the next CEO over the long-term
  • Conduct a comprehensive organizational assessment to understand the organization’s capacities (and lack of capacities) to prepare the next CEO for the important work ahead
  • Don’t rush the hiring process – consider hiring a trained interim CEO to hold down the fort while you nail down your next “right” CEO
  • Plan a strong on-boarding process and team building process, keeping the CEO, the Board, and key stakeholders closely linked mutual goals for advancing NPR into the future
  • Don’t minimize the risks and expenses of turnover!  Hire someone who has the passion and who is the position to stay the course

All Things Considered, you’ll be on your way to bigger and better things with your new, “right” CEO!

With all best regards,

Don Crocker, CEO
…and the Support Center|Partnership in Philanthropy Executive Search & Transitions Management team.



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