Become a Volunteer Facilitator

The Support Center believes in the value of working with volunteer facilitators to deliver our public workshops.   Our facilitators are among the most accomplished professionals in the field who have served in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors for at least a decade, most having served much longer.  They have been executive directors, development directors, financial officers, board members, authors, university faculty members, social workers, artists and project managers.  Most are now business owners, consultants and coaches.

We are looking for facilitators who:

  • Understand and embrace our values and mission
  • Use adult learning techniques (such as role play and case studies) and incorporate concrete examples from their own professional experience with nonprofits
  • Have the ability to maximize peer-to-peer learning, develop internal capacity and be non-judgmental
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate with, and gain the confidence of, people from a variety of economic, social, professional, racial and cultural settings
  • Have a minimum of 5 years training experience and significant experience with nonprofits
  • Are entertaining, engaging and dynamic.

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If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Facilitator for the Support Center, please apply here.

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Our Values:


We work as a team within the support center, and in partnership with our clients, funders, and the nonprofit community at large.


We assist our clients by developing appropriate and sustainable solutions that achieve outcomes and maximize performance.


We uphold the highest ethical standards and model the processes we recommend.


We are inclusive and honor the history, diverse backgrounds, and perspectives of our customers and communities in our work.

A Learning Organization

We value feedback, seek and evaluate data about our own performance, adjust and adapt to changing circumstances. We listen to and learn from our customers, funders, and the community and reflect this learning in our work.