Change Consulting – Board Effectiveness

High-performing and effective boards who work productively with executive leadership are a critical cornerstone for ensuring organizational success.  Our work with boards ranges from teaching the basic building blocks of board functions to fine tuning well-functioning boards in order to maximize board effectiveness around essential areas such as fundraising, evaluation, planning, financial performance and communications.

Case Studies


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Case Study
Equality Charter School
Board Effectiveness

“The strategic planning process facilitated by the Support Center allowed us to build a stronger consensus between the Board and Staff on an exciting future for the Equality Charter School.

We gained a greater understanding of what was unique about our philosophy and how our culture translates into effective programming that fulfills the goals laid out in our founding charter.”

Caitlin Franco, Principal

Learn How the Support Center Helped Equality Charter School

“This project helped the ECS Board better understand its role, responsibility, and value in helping the school achieve its mission and objectives. In doing so it brought us closer to understanding what kind of leadership ECS needs to ensure the school’s continued success.

Through the strategic planning we were able to review the management structures of other model Charter Schools to clarify what staff was needed to expand into High School.”

Edward B. Hubbard, Board Member
Equality Charter School (ECS)

“As conditions change and challenges become more acute, the Support Center helped us consider and begin to implement structural changes in our management and governance that will allow us to advance to the future.

By revising our way of doing things, we were in a better position to secure a significant multi-year grant which will advance our mission nationally.”

Joe McNulty, Executive Director
Helen Keller National Center