Customized Retreats

Ensure your next meeting makes forward progress!
Do you want to jump-start discussions, make your retreats or meetings more interactive, or most importantly, increase the likelihood of successful outcomes that can be acted upon after the room empties?  You are certainly not alone.

Support Center can help your organization get the most out of a retreat or meeting, whether for board, staff, volunteers, or any combination of groups. Our skilled consultants will work with you prior to the event to identify desired goals and outcomes and how to achieve consensus – and they will make sure that the content of the retreat will get you there.  During the retreat, staff or board can step out of their roles and participate fully in the meeting because they are not running it!

Types of Retreats

Typically, the types of retreats we facilitate are:

  • Annual staff retreats to build morale, offer professional development, or improve program delivery,
  • Annual board retreats,
  • Strategic planning retreats with Board and staff leadership to kick off a comprehensive process, or identify priorities for the coming years,
  • Special Board/staff retreats to explore and address a pressing issue.

How We Create Successful Retreats

Successful retreats require careful planning and a commitment of time, effort, and resources, with the up-front involvement of our facilitators and the full commitment of leadership. The Support Center assists our clients who are hosting a retreat by:

  • Establishing meaningful goals that resonate with the majority of participants and can be accomplished within the time available,
  • Addressing meaningful topics and avoiding routine business,
  • Exploring how the retreat can be used to develop initiatives and plans with a good chance of implementation,
  • Identifying the right meeting format, what materials might be distributed in advance, and whether the desired outcomes would benefit from ice breakers, small group work or other activities,
  • Engaging participation and input of all participants that have a stake in the issues discussed,
  • Tailoring activities to the specific culture and structure of the organization,
  • Keeping the agenda flexible to allow time for exploring unexpected ideas,
  • Building in fun and creating an upbeat experience,
  • Identifying dynamic expert speakers, when needed.

What Does a Retreat Cost?

Support Center fees are based on the length of the retreat and the amount of planning and preparation involved. Fees include pre-retreat consultation – in-person or via conference call – and post-retreat briefing with organization leadership.

Contact (212) 924-6744 ext. 302 or email Carolyn Champ, Associate Executive Director, to learn more.

Who Are Our Facilitators?

Support Center facilitators are experienced, unbiased professionals who typically have on average 20 or more years of experience. A Support Center facilitator is neutral and unbiased. They invite all points of view with one objective: to plan and guide a retreat toward a productive and successful outcome.