Grantmaker Partnerships: The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey

Many grantmakers have a keen understanding of how management and governance issues can affect their grantees’ ability to carry out their missions, and invest in capacity building interventions such as board development, organizational assessments, strategic planning, leadership coaching and other services. The Support Center works with its grantmaker partners, such as the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey, to effect organizational change among their portfolio of grantees to maximize the impact of their investment. Our work with nonprofit cohorts offers targeted organizational support; provides opportunities for shared learning around specific issues or organizational challenges, and deepens collaboration and collective impact within a community.

The Support Center has partnered with Horizon Foundation for New Jersey since 2014 to assist NJ-based CBOs with a range of governance and management challenges through 3 to 6 month consulting engagements. The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey builds their work on three key cornerstones: Caring, Creating and Connecting.  Caring: The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey cares about their fellow New Jersey residents. Through relationships with community leaders, they support programs that help everyone manage important health issues.  Connecting: Better health starts with better education. That’s why the Foundation funds programs that make health literacy and education more accessible and easier to understand for everyone.  Creating:  Culture and creativity are essential to the health of New Jersey communities, which is why the Foundation supports arts and cultural programs that entertain, illuminate, and enrich the lives of their fellow New Jersey residents. The capacity building project has enhanced the foundation’s investment in healthy New Jersey communities by improving its grantees’ ability to deliver vital services ranging from free or low-cost healthcare, cancer prevention education, mental health, and substance abuse services.


The Support Center and their consultants are an invaluable tool for small organizations who suffer from the ability to take advantage of the various resources. We are so grateful to Horizon Foundation, the Support Center and Richmond for recognizing our potential and believing in our ability to enrich the lives of those in our community.” LiveSunSmart 


“Let me reiterate LVA’s appreciation for this opportunity and for what we as a group were able to learn and accomplish.”  – Literacy Volunteers 



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