Insight Into Our Fundraising Certificate Program with Aimee Covo

In a recent interview, one of our Fundraising Certificate Program participants, Aimee Covo of the Council for Living Music, told us how it has helped her professionally.

 1. Why did you decide to take our Fundraising Certificate Program?

After much research, I chose to attend the Fundraising Certificate program because it offers a diverse and well rounded series of studies/workshops in the field of fundraising, including exposure to active professionals in the field with tremendous insight and expertise, and provides a certification upon completion.

2. Can you tell us some insights or lessons you have learned from the program so far?

The lessons I have learned include specific tools and tips for success that are both comprehensive and applicable in terms of proposal writing, program presentation & development, managing funds, and developing relationships with grant givers.

3. How do you think the program will be useful to your career and your organization?

The Support Center provides credibility (certifiable) and excellence in training recognized by the philanthropic industry, as well as continuing support and services in development for a sustainable organization- this can only add to one’s position in this field of work and to the growing success of any organization.

Additionally, Aimee had this to say about our volunteer facilitators, “I have discovered the instructors are honest and direct in their approach to their workshops. There is a reasonable level of expectations set without deterring from the excitement of possibility, and that is important to me. Plus, the instructors make the learning fun and proactive, engaging the participants to apply what is learned in a safe, professional atmosphere. What could be better than that

Thank you Aimee!

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