Interview with Keith Timko: First 100 Days as CEO


As you may know, the Support Center underwent its own leadership transition with an engaging a new leader, Executive Director, Keith Timko, beginning January 1, 2016. This was a part of a planned succession with Keith taking over as an internal candidate.  As part of the process, the Board conducted an organizational assessment speaking with funders, partners, board members and staff (a true thank you to all who participated in those interviews).  We heard many encouraging words about what we are good at-being a convener of organizations and professional development and change consulting. We are also grateful for feedback around where we can be better.

What are the top 3 goals for the Support Center in 2016? 

Collaboration – We don’t believe in going it alone. On June 15, we plan to host an event called Ahead of the Curve, where we will convene social sector leaders and their partners from public and corporate sectors, to deliberate over the collective challenges we face as a sector and develop solutions and best practices to integrate into the work of our individual organizations.

Communication – As we continue to work with nonprofit partners on efforts ranging from board building to strategic planning, we know there is more that we can do to tell the stories of this work. As nonprofits, we are all in the business of a building a better world together, and the more that we can share our stories-both the successes and the challenges-the stronger we will be. So as we move ahead in 2016, we look forward to telling the stories of how these efforts at building capacity are paying off-or not paying off as cautionary tales for others.

Evaluation – We want to focus more on impact assessment — for our own work and the work of our partners. Understanding the impact of our work and articulating it will be a major goal of 2016. We hope you will stay tuned this year as we tell the stories of our partners and the impact of our work together.

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