Nonprofit Organizations & the Double Whammy!

Written by Don Crocker, Executive Director/CEO, Support Center

Nonprofit organizations and their boards are experiencing a “double whammy.”

Too many of our most essential nonprofit organizations are losing their leaders while at the same time they are dealing with the loss of essential funding to meet their missions and serve their communities.

The challenge of overcoming budget decreases without a competent, knowledgeable leader can be overwhelming and paralyzing.

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The economy is driving the budget woes, while the stress of leading a nonprofit in the current environment and the retirement of baby boomers – many who founded their nonprofit organizations 20 to 30 years ago – is driving large numbers of nonprofit executives to leave their positions.

With assistance, nonprofits can manage these transitions and philanthropy can help!

Foundations and other donors can assist struggling nonprofit organizations to capitalize on the opportunities for not only finding the right next leaders, but also for assessing organizational viability and future direction.

A number of national and local foundations have already developed successful models for supporting transitions.  These foundations provide funding that supports Executive Transition Management (ETM) services.

Executive transition management services consist of a menu of  services that can be provided by a management support organization like the Support Center to guide a nonprofit board through the transition process.

Grantmakers are urged to seize a “pivotal moment” by supporting the development of and access to ETM services.

Funding for executive transition management services can help nonprofit boards avoid organizational havoc and instead capitalize on the transition opportunity by re-thinking the organization’s viability and sustainability, and by planning thoughtfully for the organization’s future.

ETM services offer a unique approach to leadership search and transition, redefining search services by adding essential components that include organization assessment, engagement of all key stakeholders, and clear communication about the future direction and sustainability of the organization.

The Support Center for Nonprofit Management has assumed an important role in the delivery of executive transition management services here in the Tri-State region.

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