Onboarding for Exceptional Transition Management

Claudia Zeldin is a partner at Growth for Good and an accomplished professional consultant with 30 years
of marketing and management experience. Claudia completed the Support Center/Partnership in Philanthropy’s Interim Executive Leadership Training Course in 2009 and has served in various temporary management positions. To learn more, please visit: www.growthforgood.com.


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Written by Claudia Zeldin

Every phase of the onboarding process with a new employee is important, from before they begin their job, through their first week, to the successful completion of their first year. In the first month, it is essential that new leaders have a strong understanding of his/her performance relative to the position and realistic expectations. Very often with new executive staff, it is assumed that they are experienced and will assume their responsibilities quickly, but success and retention will be strengthened with a first-year plan that enables new leaders to feel supported and able to take ownership.  For new Executive Directors, it will be essential that a board member carefully lead this management transition process, so a strong partnership is formed – engaged and energized by a shared mission.

Click here to view and download a PDF checklist to onboard a new member of your nonprofit leadership team:  Executive Director/CEO, Development Director, CFO, etc.

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