Organizational Navigator Program

Support Center will be hosting an Informational Webinar:

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 at 1 PM EST, please click here for registration details!


The Organizational Navigator program utilizes our highly qualified professional staff, the Navigator Community, and the Impact Capacity Assessment Tool (iCAT) developed by our partner, Algorhythm Corporation of Baltimore, MD. Together they establish a baseline of organizational health as well as relevant financial and specific organizational data.  The baseline identifies areas of growth or key risks and helps identify specific data points, or indicators, to analyze and track progress towards the organizations goals. The Navigators then work with the nonprofit partner organizations to identify opportunities and take stock of support potential to plan and execute solid strategic plans. 

The Organizational Navigator will help nonprofits get and stay on track to maintain success over the long haul. This program, in utilizing the iCAT, generates reliable data for organizations, and compares that data to large base of similar nonprofits, producing powerful bench-marking information. Over time, nonprofits will have a better sense of their own organizational health and how they compare among their peer organizations. With the help of our nonprofit professionals and thought-leaders, or Navigators, nonprofits will be provided the guidance to use collected data and provided expertise to navigate the “waves of change” over time.


For more information please see our Organizational Navigator Program informational slide deck!