Recap: Stay Ahead of the Curve Symposium

Over the course of the past year in addition to sharing updates about our respective organizations and looking for more opportunities to collaborate, the Ahead of the Curve Coalition also talked a lot about risk. We’ve spoken about language and whether terms such as “risk management” make talking about risk less appealing. We’ve talked about the many facets of risk ranging from funding to staffing to advocacy and fundraising and who in an organization is responsible for monitoring risk. And if talking about language and accountability is this complicated, how do we actually do the work?

Building off of last year’s initial discussion defining risk management and focus on the practical, “how-to” information, the Ahead of the Curve Consortium held its 2nd annual symposium titled: Stay Ahead of the Curve: How to Proactively Navigate Risk, Opportunity & Uncertainty. The day included a panel moderated by Ted Bilich, CEO of Risk Alternatives and the discussion was centered around real-life risks and opportunities a few of our peers face and manage every day. Some of the gems provided from the conversation included shifting the perspective of how we view risk, the approach to having internal conversations about risk management and how to be more aware and equipped to address risk. After the discussion, we had the chance to roll up our sleeves and engage in scenario planning with tools that can be used by the organization in attendance as well as those who can access the resources via the website: Collectively we talked about strategies, tools, tips, and our own experiences – because the reality is, each of us manages risk and opportunity every day.

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