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Danger Ahead!!! Beware the three dangerous traps in finding new leaders

The hole that is created when a key leader leaves an organization is often frightening, to say the least – and the desire to fill that hole can lead to high anxiety and knee-jerk reactions.  The impulse to move quickly can often lead to poor decisions, and poor decisions can lead to a downward spiral […]

Development of Human Capital is Essential to Success in Social Investment

One of our favorite clients ~ Services for the Underserved ~ held a mind fueling conference today on the potential impact of social investment. All 10 panelists had useful insights and good examples and highlights can be found on the twitter feed here – #SUSCONF2013 – Financial and nonprofit leaders together investing in providing more affordable housing, healthcare, workforce development […]

A Short Menu for Leadership Sanity

One of our most recognizable nonprofit leaders recently told me that he was “fed up’ and that the changing nonprofit landscape was leading him to “insanity”.   Later that day I began to ponder his dilemma and I decided to ask a group of other successful nonprofit CEOs how they keep themselves sane.  The result –this […]