Interim Executive Director Training Participants Share Their Experiences

“I plan to use this information to help a founder of an organization move on and at the same time assess where the organization needs help and how it can move forward. The instructors and guests for your classes are always remarkable — knowledgeable, enthusiastic, engaging and helpful. “
Garrison Botts

“It kept moving. This was solid and beneficial. I want to make my dioceses aware of this program and use the Support Center for coaching if possible. “
Rev. Alan C. French

“I am in an IEL assignment now and have used the materials to reinforce and enhance what I am now doing.[I most liked the] networking possibilities and the opportunity to connect with the Support Center’s resources and acumen. I liked the breadth of the skill set of the attendees.  Panel of practitioners was especially insightful. Presenters had an excellent grasp of the subject matter. “
Darwin M. Davis

“This was the best professional development workshop I’ve ever attended. It helped me shape my approach to turnaround and start up organizations and provided me with useful tools I could use immediately. “
Tanya Lewis-Kelly

“In my opinion, the training provided valuable insights into the factors contributing to a successful Interim Executive Director term. “
Donna R. Besteiro

“The information was relevant and powerful in this specific field. Toni Hansen The sessions were filled with helpful guidance and real world examples. it was wall to wall learning! I was impressed and would recommend the program to anyone. “
Sharon Mosse

“The facilitation was excellent. The practical advice on first things to do, staying above the fray, etc. was very useful. “
Richmond Rabinowitz

“The IEL training workshop offers intensive case study review, collegial interactions with fellow participants and high-energy facilitation that challenges, stimulates and imparts a great deal of knowledge in a relatively short time. I’m very glad I participated!”
Peter Bushyeager

“Tools were introduced that could be applied to work other than solely in an IED role.”
Michelle K. Pullaro

“The workshop provided a realistic view of what is required of an IED and how to do it well.

I particularly liked the case studies and panel discussion. It is very helpful to grapple with and hear about real circumstances. I also liked the level of support available to graduates.”

Brigid Lang

“As a community foundation president I am asked for guidance in times of transition so this new knowledge will be very helpful both in understanding better what nonprofits are experiencing, but also in providing help.  Also, as a grantmaker, this knowledge base will be helpful.

[What I liked most about the workshop were the] great participants; stimulating conversation; the candor of the panel participants; the experience and forthrightness of Support Center staff.”

Nancy Kieling

“As a Board Chair about to retain an IED, I have a vastly improved idea about how to take maximum advantage of the situation. I liked the open and professional atmosphere.”

H. Claude Shostal