Change Consulting

A high engagement approach to increasing organizational effectiveness
The Support Center helps organizations to maximize the opportunities and minimize the negative effects inherent with change.  The Support Center’s Change Consulting spans a breadth of services that all share the overarching goal of increasing organizational effectiveness. Read about our services and learn how we helped organizations like yours.

Change Consulting targets four primary areas:

Organizational Assessment and Development

Organizational assessment and development helps nonprofits to build a durable infrastructure and to increase long-term health and performance by building the capacity of the people who make up the organization.  An organizational assessment examines major functional areas and leads to a set of findings and recommendations.  Armed with this information, we then help organizational leadership to improve upon strengths, remedy challenges and surmount obstacles.

Organizational Strategy, Growth and Innovation

Working with organizations around strategy, growth and innovation helps to clarify for leadership the operating environment, organizational priorities and plans for the future.  Transparency and consensus around these major areas produces more resilient and responsive organizations that are able to achieve greater mission impact and sustainability.

Organizational Restructuring

Organizational restructuring describes a range of potential partnerships between two or more organizations that can vary from modest levels of collaboration on programs and administration, to a full merger in which two or more entities consolidate into a single organization.  Consideration of organizational restructuring is becoming a basic element of the ongoing assessment and planning processes for nonprofit organizations.  The Support Center believes that it is important for organizations to understand and have available all options for restructuring.

Board Effectiveness

High-performing and effective boards who work productively with executive leadership are a critical cornerstone for ensuring organizational success.  Our work with boards ranges from teaching the basic building blocks of board functions to fine tuning well-functioning boards in order to maximize board effectiveness around essential areas such as fundraising, evaluation, planning, financial performance and communications.

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