Leadership Collaborative

Support Center – through the Trajectory Leadership Group and the relaunched Leadership Collaborative – prepares middle managers and emerging leaders for executive roles. Through ten in-person sessions and monthly online Zoom meetings, participants refine their skills and learn creative approaches to management, operations, and sustainability challenges.

Members of the cohort complete a 360º leadership assessment and DiSC profile to explore their personal and professional leadership styles. Participants also benefit from the wisdom and insights of leading practitioners in special seminars and panel discussions. Learning alongside their peers and connecting with our organizational partners, members of the Leadership Collaborative also leave with an expanded and robust professional network. Learn more about the program here.

Now in its sixth year, the Leadership Collaborative has proven to be a powerful program helping advancing leaders to build their network and hone their leadership and management skills. Hear about the experience of Nadjete Natchaba, from Services for the Underserved, here. To find out more, feel free to contact Juanita Daly at [email protected]

The application is open until March 13th, and the program begins on April 14th.