Overarching Principles 


To enable our vision of a thriving community of nonprofit leaders and social innovators committed to organizational excellence and a shared vision for a better world, Support Center engages a diverse array of partners that make up our capacity building “ecosystem.” 

Our partners are interested in learning together and believe that they alone do not hold all of the answers.


Collaborative Working Partners with whom Support Center collaborates on capacity building work, whether with one organization, a cohort, or a service area, e.g., Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, in a mutually beneficial manner.

  • Walton Family Foundation
  • Grunin Foundation: The Grunin Foundation believes that when local nonprofits thrive, the community will thrive. Our partnership with the Grunin Foundation helps to offer an array of resources, events and opportunities geared at supporting changemakers, fostering collaboration and amplifying diverse leadership for greater impact.


Funding Partners who invest in transformational (not transactional) work with grantees and in communities and who and seek long term solutions to inequity and injustice


Strategic Partners with whom we work to advance the field of capacity building, advance our work around equity and justice, lift up and address issues that impact our and share lessons learned. 

Support Center wishes to thank our grantmaker partners and supporters. They make our critical work possible and allow us to keep our programs affordable to the small and midsize nonprofits that we serve.

  • Altman Foundation
  • Booth Ferris Foundation
  • Chase Foundation
  • Clark Foundation
  • Dyson Foundation
  • Fairfield County Community Foundation
  • Grunin Foundation
  • Hyde & Watson Foundation
  • J.M. Kaplan Fund
  • JP Morgan
  • New Jersey Office of Faith-Based Initiatives
  • New York Community Trust
  • New York City Department of Small Business Services
  • New York City Department of Youth & Community Development
  • PSEG Foundation
  • Victoria Foundation
  • Walton Family Foundation
  • Westchester Community Foundation

If you would like to learn more about partnerships, please email us at [email protected] 

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