New Executive Director Institute

The application for Support Center’s fall New Executive Director Institute is closed. Dates for the spring training will be announced soon. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when the dates are announced by emailing Xander Subashi at [email protected].

We look to attract a diverse group of first-time Executive Directors looking to enhance their leadership and management acumen and join a cohort of talented individuals at a similar point in their careers.

Support Center facilitates two-day New Executive Director Institutes each year. Participants engage in an innovative, peer learning-based curriculum designed to illuminate resources and strategies in numerous key areas within an ED’s set of responsibilities. Facilitators provide guidance on specific content areas as well as navigating the wide range of technical assistance options available to nonprofits. Cohort participants stay connected after the program through an online platform and in-person meetups.

This highly interactive two-day “bootcamp” consists of content informed by research and experience and is designed to help participants advance their skills in:

    • Executive leadership and management
    • Fundraising and development
    • Strategy and partnerships
    • Risk management
    • Board governance and relations
    • Financial management
    • Organizational growth and development

To learn more, contact Xander Subashi at [email protected].