Interim Executive Director (IED) Placements

Highly qualified, IED trained, Interim Executive Directors
The placement of Interim Executive Directors is a specialized component of the Support Center | Partnership in Philanthropy’s Executive Search services.

The Support Center maintains a diverse pool of talented Interim Executive Directors, the majority of whom are former executive directors with extensive tenures. We refer highly qualified candidates who have been trained in the roles and responsibilities of interim leadership. They are prepared to effectively handle whatever special challenges your agency may face during its executive transition period.

How it Works:

When your organization chooses to pursue an IED through the Support Center, we work with you to conduct a mini-assessment, evaluate your organization’s leadership needs and determine the requisite skills and experience needed in your interim leader.

We provide you with resumes of several qualified candidates from our talent pool and coach your organization through the selection process. Once your organization has selected an interim leader we remain in contact with you and with the IED to ensure that your organization is completely satisfied.

A Typical IED Tenure is 6-12 months (average) – the period may be slightly shorter or longer depending on the specific needs of action.

A Typical IED Schedule is 3 days per week – IEDs primarily handling administrative duties, allowing the staff to step up as leaders and get ready for the new executive director

A Typical IED Salary is the salary of the previous executive director. Salaries are not pro-rated and hiring details are negotiated directly between the interim candidate and the board.

Call (212) 924-6744 ext. 300 or email Xander Subashi, Associate Director of Programs, to learn more about our Executive Search and Interim Executive Director (IED) services.

“Working with [the Support Center’s interim placement] Richmond was truly a gift. What a great opportunity to have such an experienced professional serve as the interim executive director for our organization. She is smart, focused, full of energy, has great communication skills and best of all a wonderful sense of humor.”

Phil Salerno, Chairman, Board of Trustees,
Lead New Jersey