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$ Breathing Room $: 90 Day Cash Plan for the Stressed Agency

May 20, 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EDT



How can you get enough cash for payroll? Many Executive Directors and Board Chairs are awake at night as they worry about pay, depressed as they terminate valued staff, and feeling guilty that they did not foresee the need for more cash. Even the best nonprofit planners were not planning for a once-in-a-100-year event. Some nonprofits are pushed to the limit.

Does this sound like your challenge? NonProfits are complex so this may not be your worst nightmare.

For those who are nodding yes, would 90 days of cash give you breathing room?

This workshop offers 15 sources of nonprofit cash. The goal is to get you cash for 90 days so that you have breathing room to make a plan for a quick win in the 2nd 90 days and a sustainable plan after that. Participants receive two tools to calculate the 90 day cash need and 15 possible sources to pull everything together.


Dr. Ron Tompkins is leader of Social Sector Coaching for the Scaling Up planning system. He is also CEO/Executive Director of 82nd Street Academics. His diverse training includes the Ph.D. in Education, MBA, and Management Accounting. He believes that Chaos is always weaker than Plans, and Diversity solves intractable problems and brings joy! He is Managing Partner and Principal Coach of TurnAround NonProfit Coaching (www.taconsulting.live) and coaches nonprofit teams who have not seen the success and stability that they deserve.

Mallory Tompkins is the Chief Learning and Partnerships Officer for 82nd Street Academics and a member of the Vistage Executive Network. She is certified in Strategic Planning and Classroom Assessment. Her work with nonprofits began as an After School student in a church basement attending a program that was supported by neighbors of the community. As time went on, she moved in to teaching and on to school leadership. She led funding initiatives to spread the mission of the school across five other locations. Her work has continued to develop in advocacy for the nonprofit community, including Pay Equity for community based PreK and universally funded after school programs. She aspires to uplift leaders to be confident and happy with a measurable vision for their impactful work in our communities.

Email [email protected] with any questions!