Support Center Strategic Plan 2017-2021


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We are very proud and excited to share the Support Center’s recently approved strategic plan with you. In the process of our planning, we revisited our mission, vision and values, took a close look at our programming and thought about the high level strategies that could guide our work in the years to come. Many thanks to the funders, peers, volunteers, consultants, board and staff who contributed in so many ways to the effort and the final product.

As you will see in the pages that follow, there are a few notable shifts. Our revised mission, “to empower nonprofits and social enterprises to transform their leadership and management and accelerate positive social change,” expands our ability to work with a wide array of nonprofits as well as mission-driven business and cross-sector partnerships dedicated to positive social change. Our renewed vision is of a thriving community of nonprofit leaders and social innovators committed to organizational excellence and a shared vision for a better world.

In brief, the strategic priorities to facilitate positive social change include the following:

  • Build communities of practice to drive long-term change for our nonprofit partners.
  • Empower nonprofits through an integrated capacity-building platform to promote long-term organizational transformation.
  • Convene nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, grantmakers and impact investors as equal partners in the impact economy.
  • Address the next wave of leadership and organizational transitions in the social sector.
  • Harness the power of our community’s people and resources to drive social change.

We believe this plan honors and continues the Support Center’s legacy of innovation and vision. However, it also acknowledges that we can’t do this work alone. We need plenty of oars in the water. And we need to row in the same direction if we are to drive positive social change. As someone who shares our vision with your own oar in the water, we welcome your feedback, comments and thoughts as we shift our attention to the implementation of this plan. And if you see any opportunities where we are rowing in the same direction, we would love to hear from you.


The Support Center Team