Support Center Sabbatical Leave Policy

Support Center Sabbatical Leave Policy

Adopted April 2021


In an effort to create opportunities to replenish the stores of energy and inspiration for Support Center’s committed staff, Sabbatical Leave is offered as a benefit. A sabbatical for all staff after a period of service to the organization is a meaningful way to reward their contributions and energize staff for the next phase of their tenure at Support Center. 


  1. Eligibility

Full-time employees are eligible for sabbatical leave after working with the organization for five years and are in good standing with Support Center.

  • Employees are eligible for 4 weeks of sabbatical leave after 5 years of service. An employee may combine sabbatical leave with vacation leave. Sabbatical time cannot be split (i.e. the sabbatical must be continuous). Sabbatical will be forfeited if not used within 24 months and must be used in the same calendar year. After their first sabbatical, employees must wait at least five years from the start of their previous sabbatical to begin their next one.


  1. Procedure and Conditions
  • The primary focus for the sabbatical is restorative and could be used for travel, study, writing, staff development, artistic endeavors, reflection, family time or any other pursuits that will enable and encourage resiliency and renewal.
  • Employees will receive full salary during sabbatical leave. There is no cash value associated with the sabbatical. If you do not use your sabbatical during the time you are employed at Support Center, you will forfeit it. During your sabbatical, Support Center will not cover the costs of travel, professional development fees or other direct costs above your professional development allocation for the year. Staff on sabbatical may not earn additional outside income.
  • Only one Support Center staff member can be on sabbatical at any given time. Sabbaticals must be arranged at least three months in advance and must be approved by the employee’s direct supervisor and executive director. Supervisors will need to take into account the needs of the team and the organization when approving sabbaticals.