Health Care & Crisis Intervention



Title: CEO


Organization: GMHC


Reports to: Board of Directors


Location: New York City (Mid-town West)



GMHC ( has been at the forefront of the fight against HIV and AIDS for more than 40 years. Originally founded in 1982 by a small group of volunteers as the world’s first organized response to a then-unnamed but deadly disease, GMHC has maintained a steadfast commitment to combating HIV and AIDS, and to addressing the complexities of an epidemic which remains driven and exacerbated by stigma, social inequities, and identity-based discrimination. GMHC’s programs and services continue to engage many of New Yor City’s most vulnerable residents, and its advocacy efforts help advance the fight against HIV and AIDS on the local, national, and international levels.


While it is true recent advancements in medications and treatment have drastically altered health outcomes for people living with HIV for the better, it is also true that these improved outcomes depend on knowledge of and access to resources. As a result, HIV continues to disproportionately affect individuals and communities who face additional barriers due race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or socio-economic status, as well as those living with mental illness, housing and food insecurity, substance use, and other behavioral health challenges.


GMHC continues to serve over 4,600 people throughout NYC’s five boroughs every year. More than 70% of GMHC’s clients live at or below the federal poverty line. More than half are people of color, about 50% are over the age of 50, and around 53% are LGBTQ+ -identified, including 6% who identify as transgender or gender nonbinary. As it continues to center its original focus of ending the HIV epidemic and uplifting the lives of all affected, GMHC has also evolved to meet the broader, intersecting needs of its clients. The organization today provides a range of integrated care and support services, including HIV/STI/Hep C testing, HIV prevention, PrEP and PEP, mental and behavioral health programs, emergency and long-term housing, legal assistance, harm reduction, food & nutrition, education and advocacy, trans/non-binary/gender nonconforming community support, and support for long-term survivors, among others.


GMHC employs a diverse team of 160 full and part-time staff, as well as interns, fellows, and dozens of dedicated volunteers. The organization is governed by an 11-person volunteer Board of Directors comprised of leaders from NYC’s LGBTQ+, HIV, business, civic, and philanthropic communities. GMHC governance is additionally informed by a 50-member Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) that represents the voices of those receiving services. In FY 2022, GMHC had a budget of ~$22 MM and a funding mix that included $14 MM in government grants and contracts (from federal, state, and local sources), $1 MM in earned/program revenue, and $7 MM in gifts and contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and special events, including AIDS Walk NY, GMHC’s largest and best-known fundraising event.


Since the onset of the HIV and AIDS in the United States, GMHC has been a pioneer in providing culturally competent and identity-affirming services to the LGBTQ+ and HIV communities. It remains among the first and longest-operating direct service organizations dedicated to centering the needs and uplifting the lives of those living with HIV or AIDS.


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GMHC is seeking a dynamic, experienced, and visionary CEO to coalesce the organization around a shared vision for the future and lead the organization to new levels of success and impact. In recent years, GMHC has faced some significant organizational challenges, including the onset of COVID-19, the departure of a highly regarded CEO*, and the navigation of leasing/rental agreements in an uncertain NYC real estate market. Of necessity, the organization’s focus has been directed inward as it addressed these issues, while continuing to respond to the evolving needs of its clients.


Now emerging from these challenges, GMHC is adopting a forward-looking, strategic posture and seeking to clarify its vision and mission for the future, re-energize and elevate its brand, and solidify its standing as one of NYC’s premier agencies and a national leader in the fight to end HIV and AIDS. Opportunities for growth and expansion abound for a united, vision-aligned, and strategically led GMHC.


(*Since the departure of previous CEO Kelsey Louie in the summer of 2021, GMHC has been led by an Interim CEO supported by an experienced Senior Leadership Team. This interim leadership structure will remain in place until a permanent CEO is named.)



Reports to the Board of Directors (via the Executive Committee). Directly supervises the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Development, Head of People Operations and Strategy, and Vice President of Communications and Policy. Indirect responsibility for 160 full and part-time staff.



In cooperation with the Senior Leadership Team, the CEO will be responsible for providing strategic direction and organizational management of GMHC and its strategic planning, operational, administrative, finance, and external relations functions. This person will work in close partnership with the Board of Directors, Senior Leadership Team, Community Advisory Board (CAB), and community partners to refine and advance GMHC’s mission.


The CEO will lead internal and external stakeholders in establishing a bold and unifying new vision for GMHC. They will also act as a primary face and voice of the organization in championing that vision with all audiences. The CEO will provide motivational leadership and stewardship of GMHC with particular focus on the following strategic priorities – all with a focus on equity and inclusion:


• FUNDING: Continuing to improve GMHC’s short- and long-term financial standing by growing and diversifying current fundraising programs and by adding creative, new revenue sources


• BRAND: Refining and elevating the GMHC brand and amplifying messaging of its work and impact


• ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Further improving and professionalizing internal systems and structures that support people, programs, and organizational growth


• PROGRAMS: Continually evolving programs, services, and support to meet the needs of GMHC’s clients


• PEOPLE & CULTURE: Creating an intentional, values-based culture that prioritizes equity, transparency, and professional development and support of staff



[NOTE: It is understood that no single candidate will have equal experience across all these areas of responsibility. Successful candidates will demonstrate a compelling combination of many of them and the self-awareness and professional maturity to leverage existing or new resources in the area(s) where they lack personal expertise.]


Organizational Strategy & Leadership


• Engage the Board of Directors, staff, CAB and clients, and other key stakeholders in creating a shared vision and future direction for GMHC;


• Create short- and long-term strategic and operational plans and lead the organization in accomplishing them;


• Provide leadership to the development and improvement of organizational infrastructure – including processes, systems, tools, and protocols – to maximize efficiency and support future growth;


• Continue to pursue and build strategic relationships and partnerships that will strengthen GMHC’s reputation, visibility, and impact.


Funding & Resource Development


• Support the work of the Vice President of Development, Development Team, and Development Committee of the Board to ensure that all fundraising goals are met or exceeded;


• Help to identify strategies that can secure new, innovative sources of income, and to diversify existing revenue streams to strengthen GMHC’s financial position;


• Maintain, develop, and enhance positive relationships with key current and prospective individual and institutional funders;


• With the Development Team, investigate possible alternatives to traditional fundraising, including social enterprises, research opportunities, pharmaceutical trials, academic partnerships, medical institution support, etc.


Community Building & Outreach


• Deepen and nurture relationships with community leaders, government agencies, partner organizations, local businesses, elected officials, and other external stakeholders;


• Facilitate increased outreach, engagement, and collaboration with the communities and individuals GMHC serves;


• Pursue public speaking opportunities, attend community events, and participate in groups and coalitions, to deepen relationships, engage new constituencies, and expand community presence;


• Ensure a broad understanding of GMHC’S mission and programs, as well as the accomplishments of the organization and its people, by the public and key stakeholders.


Team Management & Development


• Provide direction and support to a Senior Leadership Team including the heads of Finance, Operations, Development, Programs, Policy & Communications, and People;


• With the Senior Leadership Team, support professional development of staff, improve performance management and evaluation systems, and build a superior workforce;


• Champion efforts to increase employee morale, improve recruitment and retention of staff, and expand opportunities for professional development and advancement for staff to advance professionally within the organization.


Financial Management


• Work with the CFO and Finance Committee of the Board to provide transparent fiscal stewardship of GMHC and proactively manage financial resources to ensure its financial health;


• With the support of the CFO and Senior Leadership Team, prepare and have approved by the Board of Directors, annual budgets that continue to improve the financial health of the organization;


• Manage the organization’s finances and operations within budget guidelines and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and accepted grant guidelines;


• Utilize best practices to ensure responsible policies and risk management procedures are in place to keep the organization viable and sustainable.


Program Support


• Partner with the Chief Operating Officer and Programs leadership to continually review programs and services and to align human and financial resources to strategic, operational, and fiscal priorities;


• Provide vision and strategy that will keep GMHC at the vanguard of the programs and services it offers its clients;


• Continually assess the cost, impact, and outcomes of programs against the organization’s mission and needs of the community;


• Engage program staff and CAB to ensure that high-level, top-quality care and safety for clients is a top priority.


Board Relations


• Engage and collaborate with the Board of Directors and its standing committees in all organizational planning, financial/resource development, and governance responsibilities;


• Report regularly and transparently to the Board of Directors to provide insight and awareness into operational, financial, and programmatic progress and challenges;


• Partner with the Executive Committee to continue growing a strong, diverse, and respected Board of Directors.



The Chief Executive Officer will be an experienced, visionary, and dynamic leader with a proven track record of transformational leadership in complex organizations and operating environments. This person will have proven skills in organizational growth and development, change management, fundraising, strategic planning, and external relations, as well as high levels of emotional intelligence and professional maturity. They should have a transparent, inclusive, and engaging management style and be comfortable and effective in empowering and supporting an experienced Senior Leadership Team.


Candidates for this position will have a demonstrated passion for GMHC’s work and mission and will share lived and/or professional experience with the people and communities it serves. They will be empathetic, accessible, and people-centered, and at the same time bring the professional skills and knowledge of organizational systems, processes, and policies to lead GMHC to new levels of growth and success. Successful candidates will have previous experience working with diverse teams and managing across a broad range of demographics and identities. Regardless of personal identity or professional background, an intersectional understanding of race, gender and sexual identity, socio-economic status, and ability in the LGBTQ+ community and among those living with HIV or AIDS is essential.


Required Skills and Experience:


• Significant organizational leadership experience (CEO, Executive Director, Deputy Director, etc.), ideally including leadership in a mission-driven, not-for-profit environment with deep understanding of nonprofit finance and governance;


• Seasoned understanding of the mechanics of successfully operating a large, complex organization and the ability to improve organizational systems, structures, and effectiveness;


• History of organizational growth and transformation leading to greater mission achievement;


• Track record of success and innovation in fundraising and revenue development and of diversifying funding sources to ensure financial sustainability;


• Demonstrated ability and commitment to authentically engage with GMHC clients, and to bring the client voice and perspective to organizational decision making;


• Superior public speaking, communication, and external relations skills, including acting as the face and voice of an organization;


• Financial oversight and budget management experience in an organization of comparable size and complexity, and with similar funding sources;


• Excellent people and team management skills with proven ability to positively coach and mentor internal leaders and ensure accountability for results and outcomes;


• Ability to cultivate strategic and authentic relationships with other nonprofits, community organizations, public officials, LGBTQ+/HIV movement leaders, and allies;


• History of working directly with, in, or on behalf of the individuals and communities GMHC serves; in particular, lower-income LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and/or people living with HIV;


• Ability to both oversee daily operations and to develop and promote a compelling vision of the future.


Desired Skills and Experience


• Previous senior leadership experience in a healthcare, social service, or mental/behavioral/community health organization (or similar) providing direct services to impacted communities;


• Training, education, or experience in marketing, branding, public relations, and external communications;


• Specific content expertise, policy knowledge, and/or program experience in HIV prevention or in one or more of the health and social services GMHC provides;


• Previous senior leadership experience in a change-management or community building/re-building environment (staff, clients, donors, partners, constituents, etc.);


• Experience working directly and effectively with a Consumer Advisory Board or similar group comprised of individuals an agency serves;


• Understanding of trauma-informed leadership, and a commitment to a healing and restorative culture;


• Undergraduate degree required. Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management, Business Administration, Social Work, or health-related field preferred.


Personal Characteristics


• Exceptional leadership qualities with broad, well-rounded expertise and holistic perspective for leading a complex organization;


• Personal connection to the mission of GMHC and willing/able to be a passionate advocate for individuals living with or at elevated risk of HIV;


• Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to centering the voices and needs of the clients GMHC serves (or seeks to serve);


• Strong interpersonal skills and high levels of emotional intelligence and self-awareness;


• Personable, outgoing, and a dynamic public speaker able to authentically connect with and draw in people of all background and identities;


• Cultural competence and humility. Willing and able to learn from the wisdom and experience of others and to empower internal leaders in their fields of expertise;


• Creativity and openness. Welcoming of new ideas, approaches, and perspectives;


• Accessibility, approachability, and respectful of all – regardless of role, position, or station;


• Prioritizes fairness, transparency, and accountability;


• High degree of integrity, honesty, and ethics;


• Sound judgment. Makes decisions based on data, analysis, wisdom, and experience;


• Decisive when necessary, not afraid to make difficult or unpopular decisions;


• Values and champions a culture of professionalism and accountability.



GMHC is offering a comprehensive compensation package including salary in the range of $290,000 to $320,000 (commensurate with experience) and full benefits. Current benefits include: ICHRA health insurance with up to $876.00 of monthly premium costs for individual coverage paid by GMHC; dental and vision insurance plans with 100% of employee costs covered by GMHC; 27 days of PTO in the first year – including 12 paid holidays; AD&D, life, and short and long-term disability insurance; Health Reimbursement Account; Flexible Spending Account; commuter benefit program; and a 403B retirement savings plan with an employer match of up to 3%.



Inquiries, nominations, or applications (including a cover letter and resume) should be directed electronically and in confidence, to [email protected]. We are pleased to answer any questions or supply further information.


GMHC is an equal opportunity employer; a diverse workforce and inclusive culture are core values for Kevin Chase Executive Search Group and GMHC. We welcome applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, or veteran status. LGBTQ+ and BIPOC identified candidates are strongly encouraged to apply, as are those with lived experience of HIV and/or AIDS.


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All inquiries or referrals will be held in strict confidence.

(Please note that all education, dates of employment, compensation and other information provided will be verified prior to an offer of employment.)